Landscaping With Passion

When my father gave me his commercial rental property to run, I thought that it was going to be easy. Boy was I wrong! At first I tried to do everything myself from fixing toilets to collecting rent to taking care of the landscape. But then a huge storm rolled through and the slope of the property washed away so much of the landscape that I had worked so hard to make look good. It was no longer a one-man job and I knew that I had to call a localĀ  Brentwood landscaping company.

When they came to care for the landscape of my commercial property, they had a lot of suggestions for how I could make life easier on myself. Because of the sloped property I was on, I needed to have somewhere for the water to go when it rained. I had noticed that the water was starting to build up at the far corner.

It took less than a week for them to get the landscape back in order after the storm and correct issues that I had been neglecting because I was spread so thin doing other things. Once the job was complete, I asked if I could use their services on a regular basis. I could tell I had found an incredible company that knew exactly what they where they were doing.

When my apartment tenants saw the incredible paver patio seating area that the landscapers had built, many of them personally called and thanked me for such a wonderful place that they could have gatherings at. I was even invited to a birthday party by one of my tenants.

When I was at the party, I loved that the tree rings could be used as extra seating, but I did notice one thing that was missing. I called the landscape company that was doing an incredible job for my building and asked if they could build an easy to use outdoor kitchen for my tenants. Being at the birthday party made me feel bad because the food was being prepared on the tenth floor and multiple people had to leave to carry all of the items up and down the elevators and stairs.

Once the professional landscape company built the outdoor kitchen, my tenants were thrilled! In fact, there is a waiting list now to get an apartment in the building I own. I am even able to charge new tenants more money because they inquire about my commercial property because of the quality it offers, not because of the price.

The landscapers have also created a flower garden and a seating area that people can go relax in and walk through. I love knowing that I have added to the quality of life for so many of my tenants. While I still do a lot of work around my building, I no longer focus on the landscaping part of it. I leave that to the professionals because the value they have added to my property has paid for itself many times over.

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