Information Technology Firm

I used to work for an Information Technology Firm until I decided to branch out on my own. We also worked with a managed it services Nashville company. However, the company I worked for would not allow me to take any of my current work with me. They offered me a fantastic reference and testimonial for my website, but other than that it was time to start rebuilding my portfolio from scratch. I didn’t have a problem doing this since I had years of experience in many different areas of IT. There were a few crucial elements that I needed to add to my portfolio.

The first thing I decided was that I needed to showcase the amount of hardware I have worked on. Luckily, I did a lot of work at my home office and I actually had quite a bit that I could demonstrate for potential clients. I wanted to be sure that I showed that I could not only offer technical support, software development and the basic technology inner workings.

I went into great detail in my portfolio about my ability to enhance how emails in the workplace can be more effective, easier to organize, and faster. I specialized in making emails a better way to communicate through smart phones, tablets, as well as desktops and laptops. As a database specialist I was in charge of a lot of different aspects of the company that I worked for. I was very focused in making sure everyone was comfortable with the systems that were used on a daily basis. After all, the tools that people used throughout their workday were only effective if they saved people time and they understood how to use them.

Another skill that had to come through in my portfolio was my ability to communicate on an advanced level, as well as in a way that was very understandable. My job was one that could get extremely technical at times and the amount of jargon that was associated with it was a lot for people to take. I wanted to prove that I could talk to others who were in the information technology field and I could also talk to those that had no idea what IT was. I was always amazed that this was a skill very few people had, but was one of the most valuable when training people how to use specific software.

My portfolio was almost complete. I had a fantastic reference from my previous employer, a way to showcase that I was well versed in hardware and software, and that I had the communications skills to speak to people on all levels. The last skill that I wanted to showcase in my portfolio was my ability to write a pamphlet and directions. My writing needed to be information when it came to specific IT subjects, as well as engaging and understandable. I wanted everyone to be able to understand it. Once I had everything completed, I was confident to go out and market myself. And this was the most exciting part of it all!

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