Field of Web Development

When I decided to go into the field of web development all of my friends thought I was a bit nerdy. Of course, this was years ago when very few people were interested in Nashville web design. The people that I did know that were going into this line of work did it for large companies. Personally, I wanted to start my own business and loved designing elements for websites and small businesses. I knew there was a good future in web design, but there was a lot for me to learn. What I really loved about web design was that I was able to enhance a company’s brand. Because I had become so skilled in HTML I was able to get more accomplished and had a better range than many other people in my industry. The difference between my competitors and me was that I knew a lot of code by heart because I spent so much time memorizing it. What took some people an hour or more to do, I could do faster, thus making my services more valuable.

Another skill that I had acquired of the years was the use of colors. I really had the edge on what colors worked and what colors didn’t for a particular company. There were so companies that would come to me and want to use bold colors that just didn’t suit the personality they were trying to get across. Others would want soft colors when they needed to make a bigger statement. I just had a knack for choosing the colors that would enhance the logo and branding that they were trying to get across. After all, if your company logo doesn’t look professional and represent your brand, then potential clients and customers may not take you as seriously.

I also have a lot of knowledge about the web, how it works, and how to correct web design problems that can occur. I understand the importance of having a design that works for every outlet whether it is a mobile device or desktop. I even make sure that the designs will look good billboards, business cards and letterheads. I try to go beyond the web and allow all applications to be able to use the design.

One of the skills I have found the most valuable though has nothing to do with web design at all. It’s my ability to listen to my clients and market myself to the appropriate people. The services I offer are not for every business and I want to make sure that I don’t just get a lot of clients, I want quality clients that I enjoy working with. That is where my marketing and listening skills have come in so handy. I usually know right away if I am a good fit for a client. And when I am writing my sales pitches, I always keep those quality clients in mind. With the web design skills listed above I have been very successful and happy in my career.

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