Buying A New Car?

I have always been passionate about cars and once I decided that I wanted to work for a car dealership, I was amazed at how much I loved it. You know I live in Cleveland, TN and cars for sale in Cleveland TN is a big business. Every day I help people find the cars of their dreams. For some they want a more practical choice and others want something that will turn heads. Here are a few ways that I’ve found to help people when they are choosing a car.

The first thing I do is I listen to all of their needs and wants. Some people want a two-door car that is fire engine red and goes from zero to sixty in seconds. Others need a van that can carry their four kids, two dogs, and an occasional family member or friend. I soak in everything they are saying. I patiently listen, but in my head I am coming up with all of the options that could easily fit their needs.

Once they have told me what they would love to have, I ask them a lot of questions. I hate when I give someone what the want, and a week later they bring it back because it is not what they need. Most people buying a car need to talk it out. Yes, a small sports car will work for some, but if they have a family of four, when they get home with impulse car they bought, their spouse is going to make them come right back to the car dealership.

I prevent this with my questions by finding out their main purposes for driving. If they say taking the kids to school and going to the mountains with their dogs, then I find something that is similar to what they want, but in a more practical way. I also ask them questions about what they would like to pay. As a car sales person, I don’t want anyone to be stuck in a poor financial situation because they shopped with their eyes only. It’s important to me that they get a quality car at a price they can afford. If the model they want isn’t in their price range, it’s okay because I always have a lot of other options for them to choose from.

After I have listened to them and I have asked them all of the right questions, we generally have it narrowed down to a few cars that they are ready to test-drive. I always guide them when showing them the features that are specific to each car and watch their reactions. Some features will impress an individual more than others. At times, they don’t even realize how helpful they’ll be until I explain the usefulness of them.

Selling cars is a passion of mine and I have had people come to me over and over again with their car buying needs. I have become a solution for them and that brings me happiness everyday at work. Co-workers have taken notice and often ask me how I do it. I never try to hide my methods because I love working on a team.

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