Are you ready for CPR class?

It wasn’t until I found myself helpless in a situation at the movie theater I manage that I decided it was time to take a first response class. We were lucky that there was a doctor in the theater when the emergency happened. However, it got me thinking about all of the people out there that should get certified in CPR. I never thought in a million years that I would need a first response skill while working in a movie theater. I started talking to my staff about taking the course, we were fortunate to find CPR classes Nashville tn.

Many people thought that CPR was only a skill that doctors and nurses needed, but as I did some research I soon discovered that many more people in jobs like mine could benefit greatly to being certified in CPR. I started looking around everything that was going on in my daily job and saw birthday parties on a daily basis with kids of all ages. Daycare workers surely needed to be certified in CPR, but when they were having birthday parties and celebrations in my theater, then I am the one looking after them. Of course, I trust the parents that are supervising them are able to properly take care if a situation happened, but what if they couldn’t? They would come running to me panicked and expect me to be able to do something, just like that day when I was in the helpless situation.

It also made me think of how much the world has changed these days, and there have actually been many tragic events occur in movie theaters. The better trained to handle these emergency situations, the better off the people that work with me will be, as well as those who frequent our theater. Just because someone works in a medical field like a nurse, dentist, or deal with emergency situations often like a police officer and EMT’s does not mean that they are the only ones that should be skilled in CPR and first response techniques.

When I approached my boss about making the move to have our entire staff take a first response class, he was not thrilled with the idea. He said that the turnover in our industry would not be worth the cost of sending every new employee to the class. So, I reevaluated my plan and went back and asked if we could make sure all managers took the first response class in order to ensure that there was always someone on duty that would be able to perform CPR if a situation happened. He was much more open to this, and signed us all up for the class, including himself.

It was impressive how much we learned in the class and how to handle a first response situation. We put a plan in place in case an emergency ever occurred and made sure that all employees who were certified in CPR were listed in the employee lounge, so if anything ever happened, they would know exactly who to go to. We had always had a poster that had the proper steps to take when someone is choking, but this offers much more security.

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